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This year our school has purchased five spanking brand-new iPads for our Early Years Centre. I'm really excited about implementing these into the classroom. Have any of you had experience with introducing iPads into your classes? what worked well? what didn't work? What should I avoid at all cost? Which applications have you found the most valuable? 


I've listened to, read and viewed some valuable resources on iTunes U. If you haven't yet, it's really worth browsing. However, theory is always different to practice, so if you have anything to share I would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance!

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The iPads are still in there boxes! grrrr. I've been reluctant to get them out because I really want to get things right from the start. During my research I came across this website moodle course I love it! it gave me the basic understanding of all I need to know before and after unpacking. 

If you are new to iPads in the classroom this is a must course to look at :)


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