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7 Skills students need for their future

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently (as always) researching, this time about multimodal literacies and 21st Century learning skills.

Following is a link to a video I found worth watching. I have also embedded it into the video section of this ning

Here are also links to the books he recommends during the talk: The World is Flat by Thomas L Friedman (this is a printable pdf version) (this is an ebook version of the above book) - A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

7 Skills he says - (for your convenience, but still worth listening to the talk) -

  1. critical thinking and problem solving
  2. collaboration across networks (leading by example)
  3. agility and adaptability
  4. initiative and entrepreneurism
  5. effective oral and written communication
  6. accessing and analysing information
  7. curiosity and imagination


What does this video prompt you to think about with regard to your teaching context? 




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