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I recently received an email from a colleague who had addressed me as her "Marigold". I saw that the word marigold was hyperlinked, but as always, I was too busy and told myself I'd check it out later. A few days past and I saw the same colleague in passing, and she greeted me saying, "Hi Marigold'. I smiled, and we chatted and all the while I thought, I'd better go a check out that link!


I just had to share it. I'm sure the text will resonate with you whether you are a new or veteran teacher.  Thank you, Jennifer Gonzalez! Cult of Pedagogy, for writing the post.

I wish you all luck in finding your 'Marigolds' within your school and that, with a focus on happiness this month, and especially today - "International Happiness Day," I hope you can avoid all the walnuts.

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