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Teaching and Learning Through Inquiry - Got the right tool?

We, as educators of our future leaders, have a vital role in the -
as I call it! 'Education Change Game'.

Have you upgraded your way of teaching? Or are you still practising the philosophies that were established during the industrial age?
If yes, what have you changed? Is it working?
If no, are you informed? Are you up to date with current research on why a change in the way we teach and learn is so essential to our future?

Like any profession, it is indispensable that we are always current. Changing your philosophy of education is no easy feat, it takes time and research, trial and error, and loads and loads, did I say loads?! That's because I can't emphasise that enough, It takes loads of REFLECTION.

Your ideas and your practices will be criticised because the results are not immediate, they take time. Only this morning I was watching a documentary on a school in Berlin, Germany that had recognised these issues and is now celebrating its 11th year anniversary. That's one school! In comparison to the city, it's only a handful of students that are being prepared for our 'new world'. What was interesting - Unfortunately, I can not find a link online, but I'll post it later if I do.

And yes, I agree that we must consider, cultural differences, hence my desire and passion for promoting international mindedness and my interest and enthusiasm for play-based and inquiry-based learning. I have lived as an expat in seven countries on four continents. Some cultures are 'still catching up', and it may look like the 'old way' is the better option. But even they need to be current with what is happening in the world around them and turning the blind eye will have its impact sooner than later.

For now, enjoy this well-illustrated short video in the link below as a provocation to ignite your thinking about what you might need to change. ;

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